Leadership Letter

A Commitment to the Community

A commitment to the vulnerable seniors of our community, in addition to grantmaking discipline and fiscal responsibility, has inspired the McGregor Foundation since our inception. Moreover, seeking innovative ways to help seniors to age in place at home for as long as possible has emerged as a central theme in our grantmaking.

With this mandate, we have increased the number of grants each year. Our grantmaking reflects the needs of our community, as well as the fabric of expertise among our directors. Thus, community-based care in the home has emerged as a priority, paticularly, in the inner city where vulnerable seniors requiremore lifestyle options than just institutionalized care.

A second priority is recruiting and training the workforce that the rapidly increasing number of low-income seniors will require. We strive in our grantmaking to identify and encourage new and innovative jobs and interventions that will benefit these seniors in the coming years.

A third priority is quality-of-life programming that provides low-income seniors access to non-clinical wellness, cultural and practical resources.

Thus, McGregor has also funded research initiatives related to affordable housing with services. In fact, we provided the initial funds for a landmark study by the Institute for the Future of Aging Services. This study identified care models for low-income seniors, representing alternatives to conventional residential care.

In addition, we funded a project by the Pangea Foundation of San Diego to gather city-wide data from affordable housing facilities in Cleveland. Such data contributes to a catalogue of needed senior services on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. This catalogue should serve as an invaluable tool for resident service coordinators. It could also provide a prototype for relocation across the country.

Our contribution, however, to the field of aging is more than just the sum of our grantmaking. It has to do with identifying, enabling and encouraging innovation, as well. That includes supporting new approaches to meet the most significant needs, such as workforce development and housing. Through this strategy, McGregor has achieved national stature while remaining true to our local grantmaking guidelines.