Ursuline Piazza

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Ursuline Piazza HIV/AIDS Services

Since 2007 Ursuline Piazza (UP) has served the HIV-positive community through its mission of educating and supporting HIV-positive people to live better, healthier lives. The majority of clients have needs outside of their HIV status that create barriers to accessing medical and behavioral health programs. Ursuline Piazza's wraparound services fill in the gaps in HIV care to assist clients to stay enrolled in other social service programs and medical care.

Ursuline Piazza primarily works with seniors with HIV by helping combat the social isolation that they may feel. The shared experiences of their lives helps them recognize and resonate with each other within the community that Ursuline Piazza provides. This isolation can be very hard for seniors, especially since the beginning if the Covid19 pandemic. The Mcgregor Foundation’s grant has helped Ursuline Piazza provide grocery gift cards to seniors. Prior to the pandemic, Ursuline Piazza was able to do outings such as going to dinner at a nice restaurant and more! Ursuline Piazza emphasizes how important it is to have funding and how grateful they are to McGregor.