Fall 2016 Grant Recipients

BVU: The Center for Nonprofit Excellence                                        $10,000

for capacity building services for nonprofit organizaitons

Care Alliance Health Center                                                                 $25,000

to provide preventive and chronic disease health care for seniors    

Cleveland Housing Network, Inc.                                                        $25,000

for service coordination at Maple Park Place

Court Community Service                                                                    $23,750

for chore services for seniors

Enterprise Community Partners                                                          $30,000

for affordable housing policy work for seniors

Fairhill Partners                                                                                    $40,000

for the Senior Guest House

Jennings Center for Older Adults                                                      $40,000

to develop a senior volunteer engagement program

Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential                                   $12,000

for benefits navitation services for seniors

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry                                                         $40,000

for the Adult Guardianship program

Senior Citizen Resources, Inc.                                                           $15,000

for wellness programming

Senior Transportation Connection                                                    $50,000

 for cordinated transportation for older adults

Slavic Village Development                                                                $30,200

for home repairs for seniors

The A.M. McGregor Home                                                                   $30,577

for the McGregor Social Work Training Collaborative

Thea Bowman Center                                                                          $15,000

to provide health and wellness services