Spring 2015 Grant Recipients


 American Red Cross  $10,000        

 to install smoke detectors and to conduct fire prevention education

 Benjamin Rose Institute  $50,000    

for the Rose Centers for Aging Well home delivered meal program to be directed to support start-up and operation of Helen S. Brown Center at New Life Cathedral 

Care Alliance Health Center $25,000                           

to expand community-based care for older adults at the Central Neighborhood Clinic

Case Western Reserve University  $50,000                           

for the School of Dental Medicine's Geriatric Dentistry Mobile Van program 

City of Cleveland $25,000                           

 for an assessment and plan to implement the Age Friendly Cleveland initiative

 Cleveland Sight Center  $15,000                           

  for adaptive skills training and support for seniors with vision loss

 Cleveland State University Foundation, Inc.  $40,000

 to develop a home care curriculum for nursing students 

 Cleveland TOPS Swingband Foundation $7,500

 for senior outreach programming                            

 East Cleveland Park Association  $50,000                           

 to upgrade facilities, improve accessibility and maintain the park

  Eliza Bryant Village  $38,452

  to implement a home care program                         

 Grantmakers In Aging  $10,000

 for program support                                                

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank Inc.     $40,000                

 for the Free Fresh Produce Initiative for senior citizens in need

 ideastream $10,000                           

 for physical and mental health coverage related to aging and the elderly

 The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland  $40,000                           

  to provide legal assistance, education and advocacy for seniors

 Music and Performing Arts At Trinity Cathedral, Inc.  $5,000

 for the BrownBag Concert Series                           

 Union Miles Development Corporation $20,000

 for housing repair and landscaping for the elderly 

  University Settlement, Inc. $15,000

  for the Adult Wellness program                             

 Verb Ballets  $5,000

  for the Moving Connections program