BigHearted Blooms

BigHearted Bloom

BigHearted Blooms is an organization that uses recycled flowers to make bouquets for surprise deliveries to care facilities. The focus of their deliveries is to improve individuals' emotional health and lessen the impacts of social isolation and loneliness. BigHearted Blooms received a grant from The McGregor Foundation to support the growth of their organization.

BigHearted Blooms uses about 40 volunteers each week to deliver the bouquets. This summer, they will reach over 30,000 deliveries since opening in 2018! Volunteers love to be able to do something kind for someone, especially when they get to see the beaming reactions from the individuals receiving the flowers. Not only is the initial delivery an amazing moment for the individual, but having the colorful bouquet in their room to look at and remember that someone was thinking about them is a very special reminder. 

Sue Buddenbaum, the founder of BigHearted Blooms, explains that “small acts of kindness can be very impactful on an individual, especially when they're coming from a stranger.” The motive for this organization is to improve people's lives and make them happy with the simple act of giving. BigHearted Blooms has even delivered flowers to McGregor and McGregor PACE facilities. 

BigHearted Blooms is dedicated to supporting individuals' emotional health with the delivery of lively bouquets and encouragement.