Grant Guidelines

The McGregor Foundation Board of Directors favors grant requests that meet the needs of the economically disadvantaged and frail elderly in the following priority areas:

  • Home and community based care, particularly programs such as affordable housing with services.
  • Workforce development, especially related to providing ongoing educational and training opportunities for workers engaged in direct contact with, or providing services for, seniors in home and community based settings.
  • Total quality of life programming for seniors in all settings.

Through these three priority areas, the Foundation will emphasize the importance of cooperation among agencies and/or opportunities for collaboration among funders. The Foundation will consider requests for capital projects, only to the extent that the improvements are critical and necessary to program delivery.

Because of The McGregor Foundation’s strong commitment to residential care through The A.M. McGregor Home, the Foundation discourages capital requests from other residential long-term care providers. The Foundation does not fund scholarships, research unrelated to the priority areas, annual funds, symposia, fundraising events or endowments. No grants are awarded to individuals.